Start with land clearing services in Perkasie, PA

Create a Clean Slate
for Your Project

You can't start the fun part of building your new structure until you've done the dirty work of clearing the job site. That's where RK Brauer Contracting Services LLC comes in. We'll clear the way for you to break ground on your project.

Though we mostly serve commercial clients, we'll also do land clearing for new residential home builds. Your possibilities are endless with a blank slate to build on. Speak with our team in Perkasie, PA today to explore your options for debris hauling, utility digging and more.

Providing expert land clearing services at every turn

Need skilled land clearing services for your large-scale project? You can expect us to...

  • Remove vegetation, trees and obstructions with land clearing
  • Clear rock, stone and excess building materials with debris hauling
  • Manage overgrown land with brush cutting and forestry mulching
  • Lay down access roads and dig utility trenches after land leveling
After we're finished, you'll be ready for the land surveyor to mark the legal boundaries of your site. Take the first step toward clearing your land today by calling 215-534-8641.

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